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Franci of Ft worth, TX and Finn from Legendary Labradoodles litter

Pups Due June 4th and ready to transfer to your house on August 4th. Reserve yours today.


Labradoodles by Hazel's Franci of Ft Worth


We are excited to announce Franci and Finn's first family due on June 4th, 2019. Franci was chosen due to her incredibly cuddly temperament. The interesting thing is she was chosen by Melissa just a few days after she was born. She was just that special. She lives with her guardian family in Ft Worth. She is reported to play at anytime prompted by the 5 year old. She loves to ride around Ft Worth in the car, stick her head out the window, and receive tons of positive attention from other travelers. This is because she is so cute and she knows it. She cuddles with her human mom many times during the day while reading a book or over a cup of tea. She is very intelligent and also very obedient. She still crawls up on grandpa Brad's lab for a chest rub when visiting Labradoodles by Hazel home place. She approaches 30 lbs so she is still petite enough for a larger lap dog. Franci sports wavy fleece when she grows out, but closely groomed she is definitely a curly fleece, and of course always non shedding. She has a white mark on her chest which is common for offspring of Hazel. Franci is registered with ALCA and ALAA and has passed all her testing for genetic wellness with flying colors. We can't wait to see what a great mommy she makes.

Details About Franci

Breed: Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Description: 17" and 29# Parchment with liver nose (caramel)
Sire: Tampa Bay's Heavenly Ho Ho "Hunter" from Desert Winds Labradoodles
Dam: Rosewood Hazel (Labradoodles by Hazel)

Health Clearances: OFA Hips - Normal OFA elbows - Normal IC - Clear vWd - ClearPra/PRCD - Carrier CAER - Normal Cardiac - Clear EIC- Clear via Parentage DNA Profile - on file

Austin's Huckleberry Finn
"Finn" ALAA-057106

Finn is an absolute gentleman and precious sweet boy. Finn has that incredible calming presence that we love to see in our dogs.

A natural retriever, Finn enjoys playing fetch and can spend lots of quality time outside enjoying his family with a good ball or toy. Finn is an excellent traveler and enjoys spending time going back and forth to the lake with his awesome guardian family. Very well mannered that he is, Finn abides well with the rules at the lake and in the boat.

Finn has a very sweet and gentle soul, full of kindness and love. He brings so much joy to his family. This little fellow loves to snuggle, cuddle and be held. Every where he goes, he draws lots of attention and he absolutely loves it. People are constantly stopping and asking about him and commenting on how gorgeous and sweet he is.

Finn is a great size, weighing in at approximately 28 pounds. He has an incredibly gorgeous non shedding wavy fleece coat and is so soft and silky. His coat is an amazing brilliant shade of red. In the photos the light catches it and makes it look just a touch lighter than it actually is. His white markings really set him apart and make him truly unforgettable!

The most remarkable quality that we love about Finn is his sweetness and gentility. He has an innate ability to bring comfort and embraces a very calming presence.

This young man has passed his health testing with flying colors.

Details About Finn

Breed: Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Description: 17" and 28# Red with White Mismarks, carries chocolate
Sire: Ashford Manor's Anakin
Dam: Austin's June Bug


Health Clearances: OFA Hips - Excellent    OFA elbows - NormalIC - Clear    vWd - ClearPra/PRCD - Carrier    CAER - NormalCardiac - Clear    EIC- Clear via ParentageDNA Profile - on file
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