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    Rosewood Hazel and the Josh Allen family

    Our Family

    We are the Josh Allen family

    Hazel has been our pet since August of 2013 when she was 8 weeks old.

    We live near Rotterdam in the Netherlands and are missionary associates with Assemblies of God World Missions where we're involved in planting and building Europoort International Church in inner City Rotterdam.


    Josh's parents, Brad and Sher Ree Allen, and aunt Cindee Delavara are caring for Hazel and her pups in Allen, TX (DFW) area while we are away in Europe.

    Rosewood Hazel

    A3 generation Australian Labradoodle​

    Hazel is our family pet. She lives with us, plays with us, and does life with us, is spoiled and gets lots of attention. Hazel spends her days playing with the grandkids, going on walks, going to the park, and laying around the house. Her temperament is submissive and calm and she is smart and sensitive to whom she is interacting with.

    Her cream colored fleece is curly and super soft; you just have to touch it! It's rare when we take her out that someone doesn't stop to mention how beautiful she is and marvel at her soft coat. She doesn't shed and we have her groomed every 6 months.

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