• The Best of the Best Mama Doodles

    Rozewood Hazel (Matriarch)



    Hazel is truly a gift from God to our family. She has turned out to be a great mama dog. She has the softest curly coat and she does not shed. She lives with grandpa Brad and grandma Sher Ree and she is intelligent enough that she pretty well schedules her own day, (when to eat, when to go out back, when to take Gpa and Gma on a walk, and especially when to take Gpa and Gma on a car ride). She weighs 57 lbs today, which is too large to set on Gpa and Gma's laps to watch movies, but that does not stop her for a moment. She receives and appreciates lots of attention when we all go out in public together. We have been so blessed to have Hazel as our pet and companion for 5 years now.




    Hazel's Mocha of Iowa (first Princess)



    Mocha has the sweetest temperament. She also has a unique curly coat that was chocolate at birth and then turned silver at age one year. She is very protective and sensitive to the 3 small children she lives with at her guardian home in Nevada, Iowa. The Parhams report that she is very playful outside in the yard, but very gentle and cuddly while inside with the family. Mocha birthed her first litter for us in January of 2019. She is reported to be an excellent mama dog. (she learned from the best!!)

    Hazel's Franci of Fort Worth, TX (second Princess)



    Franci lives with her guardian family, the Slaters, in Fort Worth TX. She is so loving and intelligent. She has a cream fleece coat. She spends her morning cuddled up on the sofa with Melissa while she has her quiet time. Franci loves to play with the kids and other dogs when they are visiting. Franci also is intelligent enough to run the show at the Slater home. Franci's first litter will be due in the summer of 2019. We look forward to the awesome pups she will throw.

    Hazel's Daisy of Rotterdam, NL (third Princess)


    Daisy lives with her guardian family in Rotterdam Netherlands Europe. She sports a white fleece coat. She is highly intelligent and like most dogs that we have observed in The Netherlands, she goes on walks with her family without a leash. She has a very gentle calm disposition but loves to play with the kids when the opportunity arises. Daisy's first litter will arrive in the fall of 2019 and will only be available to new homes in Europe.

    Hazel's Jasmine of The Colony, TX (Charlie)(fourth Princess)


    Charlie is the newest addition to Hazel's girls. She also wears a white fleece coat. She is in her guardian home in The Colony (DFW area) TX. She is playing little angel to the Singleton family. She is providing cuddle therapy daily to the whole family. She is reported to be highly intelligent. She will throw incredible pups when her day arrives.

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